♂ Gatito 2

♂ Gatito 2

♀ Hembrita 1

♀ Hembrita 2

♀ Hembrita 3


Father: Babou

About: Babou

  • Male brown spotted
  • Intense green eyes
  • Light colored coat with large, pronounced and strongly contrasted rosettes
  • Excellent glittering
  • Strong structure

Babou is our first male born at home and raised by Nalama. We are very proud of him as he is a spectacular male, the living image of his father Bogart. He has a kind, friendly character.

Extraordinarily affectionate and playful, it has helped us to introduce our puppies to the group. Always willing to have new friends. He is, without a doubt, the line we want for our kennel, both for his character and for his beauty.

Mother: Ilse

About: Ilse

  • Female brown spotted.
  • Excellent body and profile, with magnificent musculature.
  • Golden green eyes. Silky mantle with strongly pronounced, closed rosettes.
  • Extraordinary glitter.Ilse is a very special female to Bogart, whom he adores.She has a funny character, always lively and ready to play with anyone. Mimosa and purr par excellence. She loves to play with water and is a wonderful… athlete.