Bengali cat personality

They are extroverted animals , playful and very active , very smart and noble . They explore everything that is around them and they love getting into boxes and bags. They have moments of playing frantically with everything they find in their path and then their “moment of peace” comes, when after consuming so much energy they fall exhausted and sleep for hours and hours.

They like to interact with their owners with whom they create a strong link . When a Bengali asks for pampering, he does not ask for them, he demands them, quickly offering a loud purr in thanks. They also relate perfectly with other pets.

They live comfortably inside apartments without a garden , although they are passionate from time to time to go for a walk with a harness and leash through the woods or along the beach, always looking for specialcorners. Their attraction for water will motivate them to splash in some stream they find in the forest or to experiment with the calm waters of the beach.

If you are looking for an inseparable friend , extreme nobility and beauty, the Bengali will undoubtedly be your ideal companion.