These are all the cats in the Bengal cattery Nalama



About: Strudel


About: Charisse

Beautiful brown spotted female with large, strongly contrasted donut-like rosettes. Her coat is soft like velvet, with shades of beige and orange. Perfect profile. Wonderful glittering.

It is our new bet for the very near future. She is sure to be a wonderful mom because her character is extraordinary.

About: Babou

  • Male brown spotted
  • Intense green eyes
  • Light colored coat with large, pronounced and strongly contrasted rosettes
  • Excellent glittering
  • Strong structure

Babou is our first male born at home and raised by Nalama. We are very proud of him as he is a spectacular male, the living image of his father Bogart. He has a kind, friendly character.

Extraordinarily affectionate and playful, it has helped us to introduce our puppies to the group. Always willing to have new friends. He is, without a doubt, the line we want for our kennel, both for his character and for his beauty.

About: Matisse

  • Wild-looking brown spotted male with a well developed and muscular body.
  • Perfect head shape and rounded forehead.
  • Strong chin.
  • His eyes are deep green.
  • Orange mantle with soft but contrasting rosettes.
  • Very colorful glitter.
  • His adult weight has reached 6.5 kg.Without a doubt, Matisse was the origin of our story. Our first Bengali soon took over our hearts and hence our passion for the breed.
    He is a “talkative” cat: he knows how to use a different type of meow for everything he wants to express.
    He is, like all Bengalis, an active, curious, affectionate cat and above all his nobility is endless.
    He loves to splash in the water and drink it cool straight from a tap or fountain. He loves to walk in the garden, with his harness and leash, and lie in the sun observing everything that happens around him.

About: Ilse

  • Female brown spotted.
  • Excellent body and profile, with magnificent musculature.
  • Golden green eyes. Silky mantle with strongly pronounced, closed rosettes.
  • Extraordinary glitter.Ilse is a very special female to Bogart, whom he adores.She has a funny character, always lively and ready to play with anyone. Mimosa and purr par excellence. She loves to play with water and is a wonderful… athlete.

About: Bogart

  • Male brown spotted.
  • Excellent body structure and magnificent profile.
  • Very thick and strong neck.
  • Golden green eyes.
  • Mantle with large, very pronounced and contrasting rosettes.
  • Highly accentuated glitter and extremely soft hairBogart is our bet for the future. In him we trust all the future litters of this small kennel.He has a unique character: playful, cuddly, curious and with infinite patience with his playmates. Of all our Bengalis he is undoubtedly the most “good-natured”.