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The Bengal Cat

Their history

Did you know that the first bengali cat was born in the 60s as a coincidence?


Characteristics of the Bengal Cat

How are bengali cats?

How big is a bengali cat?

What character do bengali cats have?


Care of the Bengali cat

Periodic care

Feeding the bengali cat



A family bengali cats cattery

At the Bengal Cattery Nalama the love and care is our personal brand. Our puppies are raised in a family environment with the rest of our cats and receive all the pampering and affection that only a real home can give them. The project is born of our fascination with bengali cats and the hope to continue preserving the evolution of an exceptional species, not only for its wild and exotic beauty (similar to a small leopard), but also for its unique character: they are cats tremendously noble, affectionate and playful.
Photo by Vinicius Amano

Why do we love bengali cats?

The Bengal cat is one of the most exotic and distinguished domesticated cat breeds
The Bengal cat is a breed famous for behaving "like a puppy" and not like the common domestic cat.
They are energetic and very intelligent. They can be trained to be walked on a leash.